Wireless Power Switch (CN)


♦ Home Automation – receive the Gateway’s issued ON/OFF signal wirelessly, then control the power outlet for power supply.
   It can easily operate the home appliances, even by using a mobile device.
♦ Easy Setup – simply press the SET button on the device to join the system.
♦ Switch Link – when linked with other sensors, users can configure the action to be taken when the linked sensor is triggered.
   For example, if someone triggered the Contact Sensor, the Power Switching will automatically turn ON/OFF. 
   It is suitable to be used as a power switch to control the corridor night auxiliary lighting.
♦ When linked with other home appliances, press the ON/OFF button to manually turn on/off the power relay.
   (The Red light indicates the power is ON)
♦ Equipped with a router function which enables the system to extend the wireless signal distance and lets other sensors
   join the system via its connection.
♦ Easy to monitor the power consumption of home electronic appliances for energy saving.

Function Specification


Communication Protocol / Frequency

ZigbeePro ZHA1.2 / 2.4 GHz ISM band

Operation Range

Up to 300 meters (LOS)

Operation Voltage


LED Indicator

Red 1PC
LED Status: Relay (ON/OFF)

Operation Interface

Push button

Resistive Load

Max 2400W, 10A/120VAC

Inductive Load

(Single Face)


Over Current Protection


Output Load Current Range


Output Load Power Range



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