Wireless Gateway


NGW-230A is the key device and coordinator within the whole wireless system, and its main function is to communicate with all devices via Ethernet, Wi-Fi and ZigBee Pro etc. interfaces. The max. connectivity is over 100 (including 16 routers) ZigBee Pro devices by one gateway and one router can connect up to 16 ZigBee Pro devices. Moreover, NGW-230A can connect with any ZigBee Pro device directly without any router in between, it is very easy and suitable for you to deploy in house.

NGW-230A is also a simply Wi-Fi AP device, user can access the Internet thru it at home as required. Meanwhile, it can connect with IP camera via Ethernet or Wi-Fi interface to support live view video and also event-trigger recording/playback. You may choose different type of storage devices like pen driver to save those recorded video files.

NGW-230A supports a few ways of event notification by APP push, and besides, it can connect to the outside security center by API、Syslog and SIA(over IP) integrations.

NGW-230A also supports some LED indicators at the top cover that allows you to easy identify the system status and because of its compact size design, you can put it in your living room, bedroom or other right place that you prefer. NGW-230A is a competitive-edge and feature-rich product by delivering Security、Automation and Surveillance etc. home applications, and user can configure or operate the whole wireless system thru web-UI 、 keypad 、 key-fob and APP (iOS/Android) simultaneously.

Function Specification

- Wi-Fi(IEEE802.11b/g/n) RF interface
- ZigBee Pro(2.4GHz) RF interface
- DHCP(client/server) & PPPoE(client) features
- Real-time event notified by internal/APP/SYSLOG/SIA(over IP)
- Two color LED indicator
- Build-in buzzer for voice notification

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